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Hey, Thank you for viewing my blog. My name is Haz, I'm currently living in London. This blog will be where I post various things about my life ect. This blog is just another little thing for me to do to keep me occupied in my free time. My hobbies include modelling, socialising, music, art, fashion ect. So expect to see the above throughout my blog! Thank you for reading..

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Hey, Haven't blogged in a while!

 Someone asked if I had a blog today..Kinda started to forget I had!
Going to start blogging again as another little side hobby for myself! I'm also going to give my blog a make over and make it a little more visually appealing lol! -.- It looks a little lame right now! Sorry ha ha~

 I made a hair tutorial recently too! I get asked 'How do you do your hair?' allot so I decided to make a tutorial! :) My online friend and famous YouTube make up Guru Promise Phan promoted me on her Facebook fan page. So thank you too Promise! I highly recommend you check out her channel, She's got real talent! See her YouTube channel HERE.

 So here's my tutorial! Kinda sucks huh? My video camera's grainy, saturated and generally unflattering! Oh well it did the job ^^
 Also, sorry for the awkward camera angles, I had positioned my camera on a pile of DVDs lol.. Oh well, hope it doesn't look to fail.

 So anyway...the last few days haven't been all that interesting seeing as I've just been doing college work and sunbathing ha ha.

Me sunbathing with my cat -

Anyway it's Spring break so hopefully I'll have some fun antics and experiences to blog about!

Thanks, Haz~

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